Filled Glass Ball

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Hollow glass balls are widely used in rubber, thermoplastic compounds. It is used to improve surface performance, especially in PA, PP and PBT compounds. In addition, thanks to its excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance, it is used in automotive, electrical household appliances parts, adhesives to provide surface resistance against scratching, health, paint and construction sectors. One of the advantages of using Glass Ball is that it creates a bearing effect thanks to its smooth structure in compound production, increasing the flow and enabling more production per unit time. Thanks to its high compressive strength, it is suitable for many composite production methods.

NP3 (Glass Ball for Varnish, Paint and Special Coatings) 3 micron

NP5 (Glass Ball for Varnish, Paint and Special Coatings) 5 micron

050-20 (Glass Beads for Plastics) 20 micron

050-40 (Glass Beads for Plastics) 40 micron

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Hollow Glass Ball

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