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HORSE Carbon Building Reinforcement Systems

Carbon structure reinforcement systems have features that increase the durability of materials. Since the purpose of this system is to increase the durability of materials, carbon fiber tapes or fibers are used. In line with the CFRP method, an increase in the durability level of various materials is observed and in parallel with this situation, carbon structure reinforcement systems continue to be widely used. In order to increase the durability of concrete structures, carbon fiber tapes are placed in concrete. At the same time, it is possible to increase the durability of metal structures through CFRP.

Epoxy Kits

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HM-30 Unidirectional (UD) Carbon Fiber Woven 300 g/m²

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Carbon Reinforcement Strips

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What is Carbon Structure Reinforcement?

Carbon structural strengthening can be defined as a strengthening technique in which carbon fibers are used to provide durability in a material and increase the strength of the material.

Carbon fiber consists of extremely thin and strong carbon filaments. It is generally combined with epoxy resin.

Examples of applications of carbon structural reinforcement include aerospace, automotive, sports equipment and construction. Its use in such areas provides a great advantage to users. CFRP allows materials to be lightweight, durable and high in strength.

For example, in airplanes, carbon structure reinforcement enables airplanes to be lighter and less fuel-efficient. This reduces fuel costs. Flight performance is thus also improved.
Carbon structure reinforcement is also used in automobiles, especially recently. Because of this, cars become lighter and stronger. Fuel savings are also achieved. Less harmful gases are released into the environment and steps are taken to protect nature.
Carbon reinforcement is also used in the production of sports equipment. For example, it is used in bicycles, golf clubs, tennis rackets. This facilitates the production of lighter and more robust equipment.

Carbon Fiber Weaving
Carbon fiber weaving is woven by means of 1K, 3K, 12K and 24K yarns. The production of carbon fiber weaving is realized in Plain and Twill structure.

Carbon fiber woven, gets wet quickly. It is also very easy to use. In order to maximize the level of strength properties, it is recommended by those who are knowledgeable in this field to use it together with epoxy resins.

Carbon fiber weaving, which is also preferred in aerospace applications, is ideal for lightweight parts. Apart from its technical features, it is a product that has recently become frequently preferred for its aesthetic appearance, especially in interior and exterior visual parts in the automotive sector.

Today, carbon fiber weaving is used in airplanes, satellites, rocket systems, racing cars, and building reinforcement. Examples of common uses of this weaving are as follows:

Electricity – electronics
Musical instruments.

What Does Carbon Fiber Do?

Carbon fiber is widely preferred for reinforcement applications due to its light weight and chemical resistance. Thanks to its high level of durability, the life of the material used is also spread over a long period compared to other materials. Compared to other materials, products using carbon fiber last longer. This results in cost savings and has a positive impact on sustainability.

Carbon Strip

Carbon Strip is a product obtained by laminating carbon fiber in a single direction and has various advantages. One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it provides high strength, strengthening the material and increasing its durability. It can also respond to different design needs thanks to its easy formability.

Application Areas of Carbon Strips

The range of applications for carbon strips has expanded, especially in recent times. Carbon strips are used to reinforce tunnels, silos and bridges. These strips are used in all kinds of factories, residential buildings, reinforcement of historical monuments.

Carbon strips are very light. Since it is lightweight, it also offers convenience during application. Since it is applied easily and quickly, it also provides an advantage in terms of time. It has a very high degree of strength.

A professionally manufactured carbon structure reinforcement gives you an advantage in every sense. However, the important thing at this point is to buy carbon strips that are designed and manufactured without compromising on quality. For this, it would be better to have information in this direction and then make the shopping. In this article, we aim to give you information about these materials and make it easier for you to make the right choice.