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What is a Honeycomb Plate?

Honeycomb plate is created with thermoplastics made from various materials such as aluminum and polypropylene. It exhibits superior performance in different applications with various sizes and cell wall thicknesses. It has high mechanical and thermal properties.

The basic structure of these plates consists of honeycomb-shaped cells. These cells have a specialized hexagonal structure that offers high strength and low weight. This product can also be produced from cardboard, foam, aluminum and polypropylene materials. The use of different materials provides structural diversity to meet the diverse needs of different industries and applications. This material can be compressed by forces in the direction of its surface. When perpendicular forces are applied to their surfaces, they meet these forces in the best way possible with their excellent compression resistance.

Honeycomb plates made of polypropylene stand out with their low density and economical structure. Therefore, it becomes a preferred material in different sectors and applications. Since it can be produced in different cell sizes and cell wall thicknesses, it offers customized solutions for different needs.

Honeycomb Plate Features

This plate is a material that combines several properties. Its different structural features make it useful and preferable. This product is made of polypropylene on the bionic principle of honeycomb. PP Honeycomb is characterized by high pressure resistance, waterproof, light weight, environmentally friendly, moisture proof and corrosion resistance. PP honeycomb and honeycomb plates therefore have more comprehensive properties than traditional materials and are suitable for specific areas of use. PP honeycomb and other features of these plates include the following:

Resistant to combustion, abrasion and corrosion.
Easy to process.
It has good sound insulation.
It has high rigidity properties.
It has energy damping feature.
Its thickness can be adjusted according to the application areas.
They are lighter and have higher strength than existing composite product properties.
When materials such as aluminum, steel and wood are used in their construction, materials with more functional properties are obtained.

PP Honeycomb is a special material that offers advantages to areas of use with its special appearance and functional features. It is especially preferred in specific areas such as vehicle body, insulation, applications requiring fire resistance and ship hull and equipment construction. In addition, since they have a honeycomb structure, they are generally used in sandwich structures and serve as filling. This product is slightly different from other composite materials both in its structure and appearance.

Where is Honeycomb License Plate Used?

The Honeycomb plate offers a wide range of features. It therefore effectively meets the specific and general needs of different sectors. The areas of use of this plate are as follows:

Aerospace applications: Thanks to its lightweight and rigid properties, it is used in the construction of many equipment in the aerospace industry. In general, this material is used to make wing and tail parts, helicopter propellers and the base layers of aircraft. These parts are produced with the sandwich construction technique.

Automotive sector: It is used in roof and body parts of automobiles thanks to its high strength properties. It is also used for interior trim and air ducts. These applications increase fuel efficiency by reducing vehicle weight.

Advanced composite applications: Made of polypropylene, these plates are also used in advanced composite applications. Examples include sports equipment, wind turbines and some industrial applications. The reason why this material is preferred is that it creates durable and lightweight structures.

Marine In the maritime sector, it is preferred in boat construction due to its high mechanical strength. This makes it possible for boats to have high durability, ensuring safety and longevity.

Sandwich panel applications: Sandwich panels are structures between two outer surface materials, combined with a lightweight and rigid core material. These plates are part of these applications. Sandwich panel applications are used for various sectors.

Sports equipment construction: The material in question is used in the construction of various sports equipment, as it is characterized by light weight and high rigidity. It is especially preferred for snowboarding, skiing, canoeing, sailing and sailboats, mountain biking and many other products.